Tuesday 21st March 2023

The Vision

‘Freedom for all, life more abundant’

The Mission

  1. To rally resources for robust socio-economic development so as to position Osun as an exemplary model of pragmatic governance for our people, country and the world.
  2. To diversify the Osun economy by building platforms and partnerships, to establish the State as a hub for enterprise, trade and commerce for southwestern Nigeria.

The State seeks to rally all available resources human, business and natural to execute a robust socio-economic development agenda. The State consciously pursues both social and economic programs in an integrated manner because of its resolve to use human capital as the primary agent of change for its development programmes. It therefore becomes imperative that human capacity be developed and nurtured to sustainably propel our economic and infrastructure programs.

Towards this  approach to governance, the administration seeks to run a more pragmatic governance model to tackle the modern day challenges of our people and country. As our country, Nigeria currently relies considerably on food imports, spending more than $6 billion; the State therefore seeks to reengineer her economy in such a way as to concisely tap into the huge food market in the country.

Therefore, Agri-Business development constitutes a core focus of the State’s economic development plan. The State is building and seeking more partnerships to develop human, physical and business infrastructure to foster agri-business. Specifically, the State seeks to diversify the current economy by serving 10% of the over three billion Naira  ($20 million) per month food market in Lagos – the largest market in western Africa.

The State, then seeks through its ambitious OREAP (Osun Rural Enterprise and Agriculture Programme) and OHUB (Osun Hub Programme)  to position Osun as a commercial hub to link the hinterland of Nigeria with Lagos – the country’s largest food market. In achieving this, the State is investing as well as seeking partnerships to build a dedicated logistics system to seamlessly warehouse and transport goods between Lagos and Osun through its OHUB program.

The State is also investing in and seeking partnerships with the private sector to build infrastructure (physical and human) to develop the requisite capacity that will drive the hub ambitions of the State. To achieve this vision, with full trust in GOD, A six-point plan was outlined by the current administration. The Government has been implementing its programs and initiatives in line with this plan.