Sunday 2nd October 2022

Below is a list of the development programmes being executed in the State. They have been categorized in line with the Six Point Action plan.

Banish Hunger

QIIP Quick Impact Intervention Programme (QIIP) targets small holder-farmers who are already in or arranged into cooperative groups of not less than ten persons and each society is administered by democratically elected officers taking open and participatory decisions
OREAP Osun Rural Enterprise and Agricultural Programme(OREAP) is a mass food production program conceived to boost the production of food in the State, create employment opportunities, transform the economy of the State and ensure increase in household income and the State’s internally generated revenue.
OFOPS Osun Fisheries Out-grower Production Scheme (OFOPS) is a fish production initiative for training, production and establishment of fish ponds for commercial purposes in the state. The scheme is based on the outgrower model.
OBOPS Osun Broilers Production Scheme (OBOPS) is targeted at improving poultry production through raising of 1.2m day –old chicken per annum. The scheme is based on the outgrower model.

Banish Poverty

O’CAB The Government of the State of Osun in conjunction with a commercial bank facilitated the purchase of brand new cars for Abuja-based Osun citizens who are cab drivers. This was done because the FCT administration had prohibited old taxis off the road, this no doubt kept them back in business
AGBA OSUN ‘’AGBA OSUN’’ is a social welfare scheme for the elderly. Under this initiative, over 1600 vulnerable Elders are given N10,000 monthly for their upkeep.
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT 1220 women in the 61 UNICEF Focal communities have been trained on skills acquisition and given micro-credit
RURAL DEVELOPMENT 1830 Farmers in the 61 UNICEF Focal Communities have been provided farm inputs
BURSARY INCREASED Bursaries due to tertiary institution students in the state have been increased to ameliorate conditions of students in our higher school

Banish Unemployment

O’CLEAN PLUS (50 Waste disposal trucks) In addition to the state environment sanitation programme, this scheme is targeted at providing employment for citizens through waste buy–back scheme, biogas production and provision of  waste disposal trucks under a PPP arrangement.
OYES Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) seeks to reduce unemployment in the state. So far, about 20,000 youths have participated in the programme, while another 20,000 have been engaged in the 2nd Batch of the programme
OYESTECH OYES TECHNOLOGY is a sub-programme under the OYES Scheme in partnership with RLG, a telecommunication company. A total of 5,000 youths have been trained and empowered in information communication technology skills.
OMOLUABI GARMENT FACTORY Omoluabi Garment Factory is a Public-Private Partnership to train tailors in modern trends in the industry as well as provide employment for the populace. Today, the partnership has yielded the development of the biggest garment factory in West Africa.

Restore Healthy Living

WALK TO LIVE This is a regular physical exercise programme introduced to promote healthy living in the state.
BI-MONTHLY SANITATION Under the O’CLEAN Programme, bi-monthly sanitation exercise takes place in order to ensure a neat and habitable environment
O’AMBULANCE Osun Ambulance Authority has been established to provide rescue operation for accident victims on major roads in the state.
DEFLOODING Over 123km of rivers, arteries and canals have been dredged in the state to prevent loss of lives and properties to flood
OSACA Osun State Action Committee on control of HIV/AIDS has been set up to reduce the incidence and spread of the disease in the state

Promote Functional Education

OSCHOOLS  OSCHOOLS is the state’s programme for the School Infrastructure Revamp. This programmes seeks to build 50 , 33 and 10 Model Elementary , Middle and High Schools.
OPON IMO A total of 150,000 students are being provided with computer tablets fully pre-loaded with textbooks and past questions.
OUNIFORM A total of 750,000 school pupils have been provided with standardized uniforms.
OSUN CALISTHENICS 8,000 students have been trained on calisthenics as a way of improving their collaborative spirit.

Ensure Communal Peace and Progress

O’MEDIATION Osun Citizens Mediation Centre serves as an alternative dispute resolution for citizens of the state
SWIFT ACTION SQAUD Swift Action Squad is a security outfit set up to ensure peace and stability in the State. Over 125 security vehicles, 5 Armoured Personnel Carrier and one surveillance helicopter have been provided for the squad.