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Osun Innovates On Schools’ Management

Governor-Aregbesola-stood-with-Prof.-Soyinka-during-commissioning-of-Wole-Soyinka-High-School-EjigboOne of the first acts in office, after the Osun Governor, Rauf Aregbesola was sworn in as the 8th Osun governor on November 27, 2010, was the convening of egg-heads, particularly in the education sector at an education summit. It was chaired by Prof Wole Soyinka. Top on the list of outcome of the summit were rehabilitation of existing schools and construction of brand new ones across the state.
Since then, the Aregbesola government has never relented in its quest to redefine the environment of learning for Osun children. From the ashes of the death traps and collapsing buildings of public schools, about two hundred schools are being constructed across the state.
The plan is to construct 100 brand new state-of-the-art Elementary Schools, 50 Middle Schools and 20 High Schools. About 40 of them have been completed and put to use so far, including 14 Elementary Schools, 15 Middle Schools and 11 High Schools.
With current feat in education generally, and particularly in infrastructure in the state, Aregbesola is being pragmatic as far as the saying “the willing spirit of a horse takes it to the skies, even without wings” is concerned. Even as Nigeria suffers economically from distasteful fallout of unprecedented corruption under PDP 16 year rule, Osun government remains steady and focused in the provision of quality education. It takes the willing spirit in a leader to achieve this.
So far, strategies put in place in respect of allocations earmarked for school infrastructure in the state is strong, such that such funds cannot go for other purposes. As far as the Aregbesola Government is concerned, “public schools can be the best and be returned to the preeminent position it occupied in the past”.
Today, quality of basic education and performance of the students, especially at elementary level, has greatly improved geometrically.
Before Aregbesola came on board, a paltry N200 was allocated as running cost on each pupil in public schools under PDP government. Today, the story has changed. It is now N400 for each elementary pupil in government schools and N500 for each of them in higher schools. This is in addition to timely and adequate supply of modern instructional and learning materials to all schools.
Also at the elementary level, about 254,000 children are taken care of under the free school meal programme tagged O’Meals. It is expected that the programme would be extended beyond current beneficiaries, especially when the Federal Government commenced on the programme nationwide. It would be recalled that the idea was adopted from the Aregbesola’s initiative.
Today across modern climes, the character of a society is measured beyond the character of the men and women living in it. Buildings and other architecture are yardstick by which human society is classified. The condition and quality of buildings in a society reflect public pride or indifference of the people. It reflects the level of prosperity, social values and behaviour of the people, as well as all the many influences of both their past and present, which combine to give the community its unique character. Apparently, this is part of the reasons why Governor Aregbesola is keen about the aesthetics of the structure of every school building that is being constructed across Osun. According to him, the “plan (of government) is to ensure that our school buildings are about the most beautiful structure around the neighbourhoods.
However, to achieve this important plan, it is very needful that strategies are put in place for proper management and maintenance of education infrastructure in the state. Hence, current plan of the Aregbesola government to out-source the management of the eleven 3000-capacity state of the art high schools is commendable. The initiative is starting with the already commissioned Wole Soyinka Government High School, Ejigbo.
On behalf of the State Government of Osun, Phillips Consulting Limited, is requesting for proposals from School Management Service Providers (individuals and organizations) who will provide an End-to-End School Administration to effectively deliver the goal of the State Government of Osun.
For details, please log kn to:

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Buratai-e1442856804316The board set up by the Nigerian Army to probe involvement of officers and soldiers in election malpractices during the governorship elections in Osun and Ekiti State, on Monday, submitted its report.
It will be recalled that based on petitions and allegations of unprofessional and partisan conducts of some officers and soldiers in the states last year, the Nigerian Army set up a board of inquiry.
The board submitted its report, on Monday, to the Chief of Army Staff at the Army Headquarters, Abuja.
Submitting the report, Chairman of the board, Major General Adeniyi Oyebade, the General Officer Commanding 1 Division, Nigerian Army, stated that the board placed advertorials in the media requesting for memoranda from the public before they commenced sitting.
In all, he stated that 23 officers and over 100 soldiers appeared before it as well as 62 civilians.
According to him, the board made far-reaching recommendations that would assist the Nigerian Army and the nation in the future.
He further added that two officers were recommended for compulsory retirement from the Nigerian Army, three were to lose their command and one was recommended for prosecution for collecting financial gratification.
Other recommendations included placing 15 officers on watch list, nine officers were to be further investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over allegations leveled against them, while six officers were to face an audit committee and 62 officers (mostly of the rank of Majors-below) were to be given letters of displeasure and to appear before their respective General Officers Commanding for counselling.
He thanked the Nigerian Army for the opportunity to serve and reiterated the board members’ willingness to serve when called upon for any other such assignment.
In his remarks while receiving the report, the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General TY Buratai, thanked the board for a thorough and dispassionate job devoid of influence from any quarters.
He expressed delight that the board, knowing the gravity and implication of their report on the careers of officers and impact on the Nigerian Army, discharged their assignment diligently and professionally.
He assured them that the report would be reviewed accordingly, in line with Nigerian Army’s legal and administrative procedures.

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Osun Assembly Suspends Lecturers’ Sack

seal-of-the-state-of-osunThe Osun House of Assembly has ordered the authorities of the state-owned tertiary institutions to suspend the issuance of sack letters on some teaching and non-teaching staff.
Speaker Najeem Salaam, who gave the directive at the inter-denominational prayers to begin legislative business yesterday, said the exercise should be suspended until the Assembly is convinced.
The directive followed the reported issuance of sack letters on some of the lecturers who were engaged by the institutions and not by the government.
The Speaker summoned the officials of the Ministry of Education and the affected institutions to appear before the Assembly today.
According to him, it is important to ensure the matter is investigated by the Assembly.
“Recently, there have been news about the sack of lecturers, but instruction have been given to the House Committee on Education that the Permanent Secretary in charge of Education, Director in charge of tertiary institution, the provosts, rectors and their registrars, the chairmen of the governing councils in state-owned tertiary institution must all be in the Assembly today r.
“Henceforth, the institutions have to suspend that action until the House is convinced,” Salaam said.

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SUBEB Boss Urges More Priority For Primary Education

Osun-Elementary-School-Feeding-2The Permanent Secretary of the Osun State Universal Basic Education Board(SUBEB), Alhaji Fatai Kolawole, has urged governments at all levels to give more priority to primary education.
Kolawole made the call Monday in Osogbo in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN).
He said every government must recognise the need to develop human capital through qualitative education in which primary education is the key factor.
According to him, quality education in the early life of the child is necessary for him to advance educationally.

The SUBEB boss reiterated the resolve of the present administration in Osun to completely stamp out illiteracy in the state and “restore the dignity of the common man”.
He also said that the state government was committed to the welfare of teachers despite shortage of funds.
“We are working assiduously in Osun to improve the lives of our teachers despite the shortage in monthly allocations from the federation account.
“It is very important to develop our human capital and strengthen our economy through education,” Kolawole said.

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Osun Innovates On School Management

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL : School Administration Service Provider. Details below….

Osun school administration pre-qualification

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PHOTO NEWS: Dinner In Honour Of Former NLC President

Photos of the Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola with the Celebrant, Former President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu and his wife. Mrs Titilayo, during a dinner in honour of Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on his75th Birthday Anniversary at Government house Osogbo at the weekend

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (2nd left); his Deputy, Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori (left); The Celebrant Former President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu (2nd right) and his wife, Mrs Titilayo Sunmonu. during a dinner in honour of Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on his75th Birthday Anniversary, at the Government House Osogbo at the weekend

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (2nd left); his Deputy,
Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori (left); The Celebrant Former President of Nigeria Labour
Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu (2nd right) and his wife, Mrs Titilayo
Sunmonu. during a dinner in honour of Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on
his75th Birthday Anniversary, at the Government House Osogbo at the

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (2nd left); his Deputy, Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori (left); The Celebrant Former President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu (2nd right) and his wife, Mrs Titilayo Sunmonu. during a dinner in honour of Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on his75th Birthday Anniversary, at the Government House Osogbo at the weekend

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (2nd left); his Deputy,
Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori (left); The Celebrant Former President of Nigeria Labour
Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu (2nd right) and his wife, Mrs Titilayo
Sunmonu. during a dinner in honour of Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on
his75th Birthday Anniversary, at the Government House Osogbo at the

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (left) presenting a gift to The Celebrant, Former President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu and his wife. Mrs Titilayo, during a dinner in honour of Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on his75th Birthday Anniversary at Government house Osogbo at the weekend

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (left) presenting a gift to
The Celebrant, Former President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan
Sunmonu and his wife. Mrs Titilayo, during a dinner in honour of
Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on his75th Birthday
Anniversary at Government house Osogbo at the weekend

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (left) presenting a gift to The Celebrant, Former President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu and his wife. Mrs Titilayo, during a dinner in honour of Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on his75th Birthday Anniversary at Government house Osogbo at the weekend

Governor State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola (left) presenting a gift to
The Celebrant, Former President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan
Sunmonu and his wife. Mrs Titilayo, during a dinner in honour of
Comrade Hassan Sunmonu on his75th Birthday
Anniversary at Government house Osogbo at the weekend

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We Are Not Imposing Taxes On Religious Institutions – Aregbesola…Says He Will Continue To Champion Equity Among Religions

Osun-State-Governor-Mr.-Rauf-Aregbesola-360x225Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has cleared the air on the lingering rumours making the round that his government was proposing a new tax regime on the religious institutions across the state in order to alternate the adverse effects of the dwindling revenues from the Federal Accounts.

Governor Aregbesola who reacted spontaneously on what he described as sponsored venomous antics of the opposition and enemies of his administration, said on no account does he has the intention to neither propose nor impose tax payment on mosques, churches and traditional temples.

Aregbesola made the statement while addressing the muslim faithful during a Jumat service, at Islahudeen Central Mosque, Osogbo.

Governor Aregbesola who frowned at the development said though his government has been looking for every realizable means and alternative to salvage the state from the looming economic crisis, stressing that his government has never intended or resolved on such tax policy.

He disclosed that the economy of the state has not worsen to the stage of taxing religious institutions or collecting offerings and tithes from either mosques churches to develop the state.

Governor Aregbesola who described tax as a lubricant that greases the wheel of development, growth and transformation, said the time has come for all to support government through regular tax payment especially at the period where nothing comes to the state from the Federation Accounts.

He said the only way for citizens to prove their support and cooperation towards  government’s efforts is to be obedient and diligent to taxation.

“It is unfortunate that in spite our sincere efforts on the ongoing numerous developmental projects across the state, some detractors could still consume shame by peddling rumours in a bid to frustrate our efforts.

“Our detractors have forgotten that we successfully administered the affairs of the state for five years without a new tax policy.

“Under whatever pressure and inconstructive criticism, our administration would not be distorted or derailed from the paths of progress, development and unparalleled transformation being characterized with.

“We shall continue to maximize our little resources to enhance the general well being of our people who we owe constitutional responsibilities”, he affirmed.

Governor Aregbesola further pledged to continuously strengthen religious institutions to promote and engender peace, saying he would not be lured into compromising equity and balance.

He therefore called on religious leaders to seek the face of God in liberating the state and country out of the present economic recession orchestrated by the continued fall in the global prices of crude oil.

He said, “Nigeria needs fervent prayers to get out of the present economic bondage and this is a challenge for Nigerians especially our religious leaders to seek the face of God for quick deliverance

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Rescue Nigeria From Economic Crumbles, Aregbesola Tells NLC, Says The Success Of The Nation's Economy Lies In Its Performances

COMRADE HASSAN SUNMONU@75th (5)The Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has highlighted the urgent need for the leadership and members of the Nigeria Labour Congress NLC to bailout the country from her present economic stalemate.

In his intellectual prediction to salvage the country from the current socio-political, economic and religious complications, Governor Aregbesola opined that the only workable fruition in combating the myriads of challenging situation in Nigeria was for organized labour, civil society organizations, professional bodies and academic leaders to wake up from slumber and seek what at stake for everlasting solution.

Governor Aregbesola made the statement while playing host on the foremost veteran Labour leader and pioneer President of Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Hassan Sunmonu, at a dinner party organized in honour of his 75th Birthday Anniversary.

Aregbesola said Nigeria is passing through emergency economic situation which has been the worst in her history, saying there is a need for Nigerians to collectively approach the situation as emergency in their bid to find lasting solution.

Governor Aregbesola who expressed bitterness on the way and manner at which the nation’s economy was extravagantly managed in the past, said bad governance has led the nation to its present looming situation.

He stated that no government in Nigeria no matter how prudent today can run its affairs the way it should be run or it has been run before now simply because of persistent dwindling revenues.

Aregbesola held that the current economic situation has called for awakening, saying this is the time for the leadership of NLC to rise to the occasion in a bid to add accolades to their reputation by proving to Nigerians and the entire globe that truly they are major stakeholders of Nigeria economic enterprise.

Aregbesola said, “The financial situation in Nigeria is so bad to the extent that no government in Nigeria could run the government perfectly in the way it desires.

“Our country is going through a tough time, but quite unfortunate, we are yet to be fully communicated on the degrees of damage caused to our economy and seriousness of the situation.

“We have been misled overtimes to depend absolutely on crude oil revenues. Nobody cares for untapped, unexplored and unexploited wealth from solid minerals, agriculture, science and technology and so on.

“To appreciate the gravity of the economic challenges facing our country, graphic analyses shown that between 2011 and June 2013, our nation used to have N1.2trillion in the distributable purse called Federation Accounts to be shared between the three tiers of government~federal, states and local governments.

“From June 2013, the distributable funds dropped to about N600billion and this has been on the persistent free fall till present moment.

“Apparently, November allocation’s pool which was distributed on the 22nd of November, 2015 was N369billion for the three tiers which implies that no revenue from the Federation Accounts.

“Obviously, this has been the economic situation with our nation. But quite unfortunate, we have all been disoriented to think only on the revenues from the crude oil. If we had before now considered other sources of revenue, the impact of the economic challenge would not be as grave.

Governor Aregbesola who implored the  leadership of NLC and other stakeholders to brace up and tighten their belts in liberating the country out of the current financial impasse.

“My request to the leadership of labour is that this is not an ordinary crisis and they should not treat it ordinarily because Nigeria has never had a very hard economic situation like this in her history.

“The economic situation we are passing through today remains the worst in our history. Though the current economic situation has not been declared as an emergency but there is the need for us to collectively approach it as emergency and be honest about it. Unless we want to heat up the polity with another reason, we are at the economic emergency.

“Certainly there is no government in Nigeria today, no matter how prudent it appears, can run its affairs the way it should be run or it has been run before due to the current situation.

“This is the time for leadership of NLC to rise to this occasion in a bid to add accolades to their reputation by proving to Nigerians and the entire globe that truly they are major stakeholders of Nigerian economic enterprise.

“If the Federal Government didn’t not call the Labour leaders, let the labour leader call the Federal Government to seek and discuss what at stake and demand for a way out because if we didn’t seek for a way out quickly, a bulk of emergency may come up.

“This situation is beyond individual operation or finger pointing because I don’t see a way for any state to escape this in the next few months if there is no collective approach to salvage this economic mess.

“This is the time for us to look for a realistic and workable alternative to enhance our economic revenue generation.

Governor Aregbesola therefore charged members of the organized labour, civil society organizations, professional groups, stakeholders among others to rescue Nigeria and Nigerians out of this mess.

He said, “Workers must mobilize themselves to ensure that real service comes from public servants. A situation where workers don’t care about their service or how their salaries are being earned, this doesn’t edify the workers.

“Productivity, diligence, dedication, commitment, transparency, honesty and truthfulness must be the watchwords of the workforce and they must be able to justify what they earn as wages, salaries, allowance, arrears among others.

“Until the workers in civil and public service understand appreciate this simple analogy, Nigeria is going no where.

“The paradise has changed. We can no live as we lived before. Oil is out of fashion. Oil has finished its own time and period in the world.

“We must decide as a people, as political and labour leaders to find meaningful and beneficial alternative to oil to navigate this turbulent economic period for the betterment of all.

Earlier in his remark, National President, Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Ayuba Wabba commended Governor Aregbesola for his firmness and resilient in spite the current economic situations.

Comrade Ayuba who lauded Aregbesola’s achievements in all sectors of the economy confirmed that the current government is building succor of thirty years to the people of the state, saying most of his policies and programmes might not be appreciated now but will be commended years to come.

According to him, your people might not appreciate your work now. But in actual fact, they will come to appreciate you and your good works in few years to come.

“You are building a brighter future for generations to come and the prosperity stands firmly to judge you aright”, he said.

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Nigerians Must Farm To Avert The Effect Of Current Economic Imbroglio-Aregbesola…As He bags Award Of Recognition,Importance

still life of cocoa

still life of cocoa

The Governor of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has restated his administration’s resolve to encourage farming as a panacea to the current economic challenges.

Governor Aregbesola made the statement while addressing a gathering during the 2015 Ibadan Branch of Ijebu-Jesa Social Club Day and Award Ceremonies, held in Ijebu-Jesa, State of Osun.

Governor Aregbesola berated the immediate past administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan for promoting corruption and illegality in the oil sector, which according to him resorted in the current economic woes and crises facing the entire nation.

He recounted that the palpable leakages and theft menace being characterized with the management of the nation’s fortunes under the watch of former President Jonathan aided the sharp fall in the global prices of crude oil.

Governor Aregbesola expressed a shock and regret in the way and manner at which the nation’s treasury was adversely mismanaged and looted under the past administration, saying corruption being illegally perpetrated in Nigeria under the past governments at the centre had resorted to the downfall of the nation’s economy.

Aregbesola said if the oil sector had been transparently and decently managed in the past, the country would have gone over the current economic travails.

He attributed the porosity, fraudulence and leakages adversely recorded in the nation’s gold treasure i.e oil sector to the less value and acceptance of crude oil in the international market, adding that a larger percentage of the stolen crude oil allegedly saturated and forfeited the international market obviously reduced the acceptability of oil in the world.

He held that the stolen barrels of Nigerian crude oil were sold with little or no money and this culminated to partial rejection of the nation’s great resourrces.

Governor Aregbesola disclosed that nothing reasonable is coming anymore from the Federation Accounts, saying the country has been badly managed in the fast.

Governor Aregbesola who lamented over the declining revenue to the state, said the there is urgent need for the state to restrategize and shift attention to agriculture, solid mineral resources and industrial revitalization.

Governor Aregbesola held that the nation has reached a peak where nothing could work without effective and adequate participation in agriculture, stressing that every Nigerian must go back to farm in order to liberate the country and the states out of the economic misnomer.

Governor Aregbesola who described agriculture as the only sustainable sector that can take the country to its deserved destination and greater heights, said if the country had continued on the agricultural legacies of its founding fathers, the country would have moved forward beyond its present stage.

Governor Aregbesola said the people of the state must see the need to inculcate  the spirit of agricultural promotion and as well develop interest in farming to cushion the adverse effects of the nation’s economic downturn.

Governor Aregbesola who promised to continue on his giant strides of socio-economic development pledged that his government would not renege on his electoral promises to continuously bring smile to the faces of the populace.

Aregbesola said his government has been changing the face of education through modern facilities and provision of home grown feeding to the thousands of the pupils in the public schools, adding that his policies on school uniforms freely distributed to the students of public schools as well as tablets of knowledge had proved his administration as a model among its peers.

Aregbesola said the state is turning around the school environment in a phenomenal manner to ensure that every child is attracted to education, as it remains the best legacy that can be inherited by all.

He said his administration has skillfully identified education as the strongest weapon against poverty and hunger, saying this among others were the reasons for prioritizing education in the state.

He said, “our nation has been cruelly mismanaged due to bad governance as our fortunes had equally siphoned and squandered by the political demons.

“Immediate past administration was the largest contributor of our woes in all aspects of the economy especially on the oil sector.

“There is no iota of doubt in the fact that the presidential permission of oil theft under the erstwhile government led to the downturn in the global prices of the crude oil because the stolen barrels of crude oil were badly sold in the international market and this has culminated to the present economic situation as millions of our country’s barrels of oil awaiting buyers on the seas.

“Our state has however resolved to promote agriculture sector and encourage our people especially our youths on the need to go back to farm as the state is blessed with agile and versatile-able men and women who can contribute significantly to our economy.

“The time has come to add value to our lives through farming and we shall not relent on this gesture to give our state a new face through a realistic economic diversification, because it will be calamous to allow drought and yearning to badly complement the current challenges at hands.

He therefore called on the people to assist the state through prompt payment of tax, saying this would go a long way to facilitate more developments in the state.

Aregbesola disclosed that land use charges would be introduced next year to those with huge investments and edifice structures to aid his populace-programmes.

Aregbesola said, “our state needs tax to fund all its numerous projects and this could be done if we pay our tax regularly as we promise to use our resources judiciously because our goal is to make Osun a modern, industrial and commercial state.

Earlier in his remark, the Chairman House Committee on Public Procurement, Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Oluwole Oke lauded Governor Aregbesola for being patriotic and adherent to his electioneering campaign promises to the people.

Hon. Oke who described Governor Aregbesola as a true lover of Ijesas and the people of the state said Governor Aregbesola’s administration has brought about the required transformation in education and social infrastructures.

He held that Governor Aregbesola’s policies and programmes are based on sincerity and pragmatic action, which according to him are targeted on both human and material development of the lives of the citizens.

He held that Governor Aregbesola is a politician who loves all and who doesn’t discriminate irrespective of socio-political and religious backgrounds as his philosophy of life purely based on collectivity and togetherness.

He said, “Governor Aregbesola is a man of his words. Though we are not from the same political structure, but he has successfully upheld his promises to the people and portrayed himself as a worthy leader and true ambassador.

“My constituency has in no doubt felt the contributions and positive impacts of the current government and this has manifested greatly in the teeming lives of the people of the constituency.

“His contributions on education have been widely accepted and continuously impacting the lives of our children, as this this kind gestures show that our Governor is a man of passion and compassion to the welfare of all.

Hon. Oke however lauded the members of Ijebu-Jesa Social Club for standing up in realizing all round development of the commmunity, saying their impacts on the socio-economic lives of the people of the town and its environs could not be underrated.

He said the self-help developmental projects embarked upon over 50 years ago by the club had reflected the undiluted passion for developments, saying their unrelented contributions to the town would be forever commended.

“Ijebu-Jesa people are very business enterprises and productive as we have indigenes of the town in top positions and head of various industries and companies in Nigeria and overseas, and I believe this virtues had been demonstrated by our people in developing this town,” he said.

Hon. Oke charged the members of the club to do more on education, saying for any community to succeed, there must be human development which according to him could be achieve through education.

He lamented over the current economic situation in Nigeria, saying the country has turned to a stage where it could not survive without public supports and contribution.

According to him, “our children must be given adequate and quality education and this can only come to reality when we give ultimate support to the government.

Hon. Oke solicited for cooperation and collaboration from all and sundry towards the success of the current government in the state, saying the current economic imbroglio in the nation has hindered the trends of development in the states, hence called for support to government efforts.

He said, “this is not a period to abuse the personality of Mr. Governor or accuse anyone on the current economic challenges, because all the giant strides making in the state are not for Mr. Governor alone but for the entire  citizenry.

“We need to applaud and appreciate the efforts put together by our Governor in turning around the state’s economy for the betterment of all.

“We need to rise up and support Governor Aregbesola as the State needs helps, prayers for continuous development because our Governor is working squarely to promote the socio-economic lives of our people.

In his remark, the National President of Ijebu-Jesa Social Club, Chief John Fademi described Governor Aregbesola as a promoter of infrastructural development and socio-cultural transformation whose indelible landmark achievements had contributed meaningfully to the teeming lives of the populace.

Chief Fademi attributed the immense contributions of Governor Aregbesola in the last five years of governance as pro-masses and anti-poverty and hunger in all forms.

He described Aregbesola as an ardent supporter and sympathizer of Ijebu-Jesa’s development, saying his love for the ancient town could not be overemphasized as this had reflected in his giant strides of socio-politital, educational and infrastructural development of the town since his assumption of office.

Chief Fademi emphasized that the impact of Governor Aregbesola’s administration has been felt in both intra-city, inter-cities and inter-states roads network, adding that the town has been successfully exposed, channeled and linked with major cities in the state, which according to him has contributed significantly to the socio-economic and educational lives of the people in the town.

He noted that the nomenclature of Aregbesola’s educational restructure and reclassification has brought the required discipline, diligence, integrity and decency to the system so far, as a reasonable difference and change had been made in the output of education in all the public schools in the state.

Chief fademi further saluted Governor Aregbesola for prioritizing quality and qualitative education and as well taking serious strives on socio-infrastructural development in all sectors of the economy, which according to him has impacted greatly in the lives of the people in the town and state at large.

Chief Fademi acknowledged the fact that the tenure of Governor Aregbesola has heralded unprecedented development, stressing that the current government has done excellently in all sectors especially on education and infrastructure.

Speaking on the significance of the club, Chief Fademi however revealed that Ijebu-Jesa Social Club came into existence in 1955 solely and purposely to foster development between the sons and daughters of the town and as well contribute meaningfully to all round transformation, growth and development of the teeming lives of the indigenes of the ancient town and its environs.

Chief Fademi held that since the creation of the club, it has championed the cause of the town on numerous developmental projects which have in one way or the other impacted in the lives of the people in the town.

He said the club having identified the policy of self-help as the only way to assist and contribute meaningfully towards the efforts of government in the state, said the club has successfully contributed and continued to contribute its quota on education, health, infrastructure and civic development.

Chief Fademi said the club has successfully built schools, health centres and continuously refurbishing the palace and town hall of the town since its establishment.

He said the club has produced people of high profile in the country and beyond, saying the sons and daughters of the town are greatly making waves in all aspects of human endeavours home and abroad.

He therefore implored Governor Aregbesola not to relent in his gigantic waves of development as his administration over the years had turned around the fortune of the state positively.

According to him, “we have no doubt that Governor Aregbesola is our friend in Ijebu-Jesa and this has been demonstrated largely in his remarkable contributions to the growth and development of the town.

“Our Governor has been doing wonders since he assumed office and he has performed excellently in all facets of the economy as he has equally proved to us as a promise-keeping leader and God-fearing Governor whose does things diligently and passionately to promote the teeming lives of the populace.

“On our part as a club, we have been contributing meaningfully to promote the socio-economic, cultural and infrastructural lives of our people in the town as we have impacted positively on education, health and infrastructures.

“Our club remains a motivator in unlimited projects implementation and we shall continue on the standard of development and transformation through self-help.

In his goodwill message, the Chairman, Ibadan Branch of Ijebu-Jesa Social Club, Professor Tolu Yoloye expressed delight in the fact that the club has been growing from strength to strength as it provides social interactions and peaceful co-existence between and among the people of the town.

Professor Yoloye commended Governor Aregbesola for aggressively turning around the state through the provision of modern infrastructural facilities to aid education, saying the town has never witnessed such a gargantuan development prior to the present administration.

“Our Governor is a worthy ambassador because he has been tested and trusted to be a leader of note whose passion for development cannot be compromised”, he said.

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Nigerian Army Needs To Improve On Its Vocational Training Programmes – Aregbesola…Says It Will Sustain Them After Retirement And Boost The Economy

Armed Forces Remembrance Dayn 2bGovernor of the state of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has called on the Nigerian Army to concentrate and improve upon the vocational training and skills acquisition programmes embedded in the training curriculum of soldiers in the country.

He said this will assist the soldiers and the country to a greater extent after their discharge from active service especially now that the country can no longer depend on oil revenues for survival but rather on individuals’ zeal and ability to assist the government towards economic improvement.

Ogbeni Aregbesola stated this today as the State of Osun joined the rest of the country in marking this years annual launching of the Armed Forces day emblem held at the government house in Osogbo.

The Governor also called for an establishment of what he described as a productive citizens army, a situation which he explained that youths will be enlisted into the Nigerian Army for discipline as the Nigerian Army is a very disciplined organization which can instill in the Nigerian youths the much needed disciplined individuals that the country required.

According to Aregbesola, “The Nigerian Army needs to improve on the vocational training programmes of our soldiers because it is what the country needs at this point in time when the nation can no longer depend on oil revenues.

“if our soldiers are given adequate vocational training they will be able to survive on their own after active service and thereby improve on the economy of the country”

“The army also needs to channel the strict discipline nature of the force on the youths by establishing what I call a citizens army, a system where youths will be enlisted into the force for strict discipline which the country needs in its affairs because a nation with disciplined citizens will be free of corrupt people”

Governor Aregbesola held that the country has moved to a stage where vocations would be accorded and taken with high esteem in all human endeavours especially on the need to rescue the country out of the present excruciating economic quagmire.

Aregbesola lamented on what he regarded as an administrative negligence of the gallant efforts being exhibited in the sustainability of the country’s democratic structure, saying the supreme sacrifices made by the gallant and courageous military warriors must be given a worthy recognition by government at all levels.

He however tasked the leadership of the Nigerian Army to take as a matter of urgency the need to liberate the most respected security institution from the undeserved hardship after retirement.

Aregbesola also used the occasion to call on all and sundry to see the veteran soldiers whom the country is celebrating as their responsibilities by regularly supporting their welfare and upkeep at all times, emphasizing that the least that could be done for them is to keep the memories of the fallen soldiers alive and take care of those who are alive especially their families.

The Governor also called on corporate organizations, well meaning Nigerians to rally round the families of the fallen heroes and the veteran soldiers so that they will not be made to regret their priceless and inestimable sacrifices made for their fatherland.

“The least we could do for our fallen heroes is to keep the memories of the soldiers alive while also taking good care of the families they left behind, the soldiers gave a supreme sacrifice for the nation so that Nigeria can become one and stand till date.”

“I call on well meaning Nigerians as well as corporate bodies in the country to show love and support to the veteran soldiers and their families as we need to keep their memories alive through our kind gestures.

Governor Aregbesola who bemoaned on what he regarded as naked impunity and wickedness, a situation where soldiers terrorizing and molesting innocent souls on no just cause should be check-mated , saying unless the power embedded in the military are constitutionally exercised, the discipline known for the military would be totally desecrated and abused.

“I am also using this occasion to call on Nigerian soldiers not to loose sight of the fact that they are responsible to Nigerians and the society at large, I call on you not to act in self defense but obey the law no matter the provocation or intimidation you may be faced with at any given point in time”.  Aregbesola stated.

The Governor had earlier launched the emblem with a personal sum of one million naira and was followed suit by other dignitaries present at the occasion.

Earlier in his address, the Deputy Commandant-General and Chairman Nigerian Legion of Osun State, Colonel Alimi Samotu commended Governor Rauf Aregbesola for his fatherly assistance towards the plights of the legion since inception of his administration.

Speaking on the significance and plight of ex-servicemen, Colonel Samotu explained that the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Appeal Week is a familiar event set aside by Nigeria to express in a number of way its concern and appreciation for the fallen heroes in the first and second World Wars, including the current War Against Insurgence (Boko Haram), the Nigerian Civil War, in Liberia, Somalia, Sierra-Leane and Darfur in which Nigerian Soldiers participated.

He said the fallen heroes must be forever remembered because of the supreme sacrifice they made particularly during the Nigerian Civil War.

“The gallant fighters lost their lives on the battle field without a farewell to their families and other dependants and many who did not die became maimed. They suffered from mental degradation and all other forms of evils of war.

“While remembering the Fallen Heroes today, we must as a matter of responsibility, remember their dependants, their children, the aged and those Ex-servicemen who had been maimed in the course of defending their fatherland.

He therefore appealed to the state government to provide the legion an official vehicle, imploring Federal Government to pay the Military Pension Outstanding Arrears.

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