Sunday 26th September 2021
[wpspoiler name=”What is the system configuration of the OPON IMO?”]
Memory 512MB
Processor 1.2GHZ
Mobile Operating System Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Hard disk Size 16GB
Input Type Touch Screen
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”My OPON IMO screen is not responding accurately what can I do?”] If your OPON IMO touch screen is responding inaccurately this means your screen need recalibration.
To re-calibrate, Navigate to settings>Display -> Accelerometer coordinate system and select “Default coordinate system”
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I use my pen or any pointing device to navigate through my OPON IMO?”] “NO” the screen of OPON IMO is capacitive screen types only use your fingers and no other pointing device such as a PEN
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I secure my OPON IMO?”] Yes you can. To do this you need to choose between facial recognition, Pattern, Slide, Password and PIN
Navigate to settings>Personal>Security and click “Screen Lock” and select your choice
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”What can I do to increase the battery life of OPON IMO?”] Sleep your tablet when not in use and also reduce its brightness to do this “navigate to settings>Display” set sleep to 1 minute and reduce the “brightness” to 30%
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I use the Internet on OPON IMO?”] No this feature is disabled.
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I place the OTELS ICON on my desktop?”] Hold the desired application for 5 seconds and drag to desired location
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I watch videos on my Android device?”] Video support for Android devices vary, depending on the chipset and associated video decoder employed on the device. Flash video depends on support from Adobe flash.
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I rotate the screen on my Android device?”] Many Android devices have built in G-sensors (accelerometers) that detect the orientation of the device and rotate the screen. However, this may not always be implemented correctly, or disabled altogether.
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I view animated GIF in Android?”] The feature of animated GIF files for the web browser was added between Android 2.1 and Android 2.2. All devices Android 2.1 can be configured to run animated GIF files after modifications to system files. However, as GIF files in the browser are demanding on the CPU and memory, it is usually a disabled feature even on Android devices shipping with Android 2.2. There are still issues with viewing GIF files as individual files.
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I upgrade the RAM in my tablet?”] Typical tablets are embedded platforms, and do not have replaceable RAM modules. They are closer to the smart phone than to a netbook.
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I upgrade the ROM (storage space) in my tablet?”] Usually not. The flash memory ROM chip is typically soldered on the mainboard and is not end-user replaceable. However, if you have soldering skills, you can swap the flash memory chip out and put a different one in.
[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”Can I charge my Android tablet with the USB port?”] Not with most Android tablets on the market today. They usually have a charger supplied for a separate jack on the device itself. USB ports are usually not enough for charge it.

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