Sunday 2nd October 2022

The Ministry is concerned with matters affecting local government and local government administration as well as issues relating to chieftaincy matters in the State of Osun.

Some responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Monitor the activities and performance of all Local Governments in the State in order to ensure compliance with the local government laws and other regulations made under the law.
  • Monitor public utilities under the local government, coordination of the statutory allocation to local government councils (inclusive of loans and grants) and coordination of the affairs of all local government councils and submission of periodic reports thereon to the Governor of the State.
  • Relations with Local Government Councils, Local Government Service Commission, Office of the State Auditor-General for Local Governments and Federal Ministry of State and Local Government Affairs
  • Coordination of Development Plan for local government councils.
  • Market registration and Valuation Matters
  • Train elected functionaries and political office holders at local government level in collaboration with the Local Government Service Commission.
  • Relations with Council of Obas and Chiefs including processing of appointment papers of Chiefs in compliance with the provisions of Part II of the Chiefs’ Laws.

Hon. Adeleke Yekini Adebayo is the Commissioner of this ministry.



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