Tuesday 6th June 2023

ikire pic
Ikire is the closest town to Oyo state and can be called the gateway town to the State of Osun. It is within the basin of the famous River Osun. It lies on latitude 07° 30′North and longitude 04°20′East. The population is 143,599 according to the 2006 Population Census
Farming is a major activity in the town and crops grown includes yam, cocoa, cassava and plantain. The town is know for production of ‘’Dodo Ikire’’, a snack made with plantain and pepper. The proximity to Ibadan, a major commercial and industrial centre in the Southwest helps in facilitating smooth movement of goods and services.
The Akire of Ikireland is the traditional head and Chairman Akire-in-Council.
The people practice Islam, Christianity as well as traditional religion. The Akire Festival is an important event in the town.
Important landmark in the nodal town includes, College of Humanities and Culture Osun State University and State General Hospital.