Thursday 23rd September 2021


The unification of school uniforms is part of an effort by the State of Osun to create a unique identity for our students, promote our culture and stimulate the local economy. This innovation ensures uniformity and engenders a unified sense of belonging among all government owned public primary and secondary school pupils.

 750,000 of these uniforms have been provided to all students in all public schools in the State.  It is noteworthy that the implementation of the OUNIFORM scheme, has attracted additional socio economic benefits to the State. These include, the building of the biggest Garment Factory in West Africa, named OMOLUABI GARMENT FACTORY located in Osogbo. Also, the scheme is designed to empower some 3000 workers into the garment production industry.

There is a multi stakeholder mechanism to implementing the scheme  to ensure that assure optimum socio-economic impact for the society. OMOLUABI GARMENT factory is saddled with the local production the uniforms, while the state works with the factory to ensure the sale prices are controlled and affordable. The Factory also partners with the local association of uniform sellers ( Egbe Alaso) to supply the uniforms to the market.

This will further empower our people economically and generate more employment opportunities.



To standard uniforms of Government Owned School, Stimulate the State’s economy and Empower the citizens.


  • Create a unique identity for all students in public schools throughout the State.
  • Empower citizens economically through the production of local materials for the production of school uniforms and encourage small and medium scale enterprises.
  • Build capacity of tailors through the establishment of the Omoluabi Garment Factory in the State.
  • Engender local patronage for the factory to cater for the clothing needs in the state for both the private and public sector.

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