Friday 24th September 2021

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“Youths represent the reality of today and the promise of tomorrow. They are great agents of change; essential blocks for nation building. No amount or efforts should be spared therefore to give them focus and purpose in life. This essential responsibility has been neglected for too long. Hence, OYES is the response of our administration to the insensitivity of the immediate past government in the state which viewed our youth as nothing more than political thugs and tools for self-aggrandisement.” (Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola)

Nigeria is a country of over 160 million people with the youth accounting for more than 60%, of this estimated population. Over 3 million people are resident in the state of Osun (2006 census). Unemployment among youths in the country has also risen up to 60% in recent years necessitating more than a radical solutions. OYES is a grassroots driven youth empowerment scheme that seeks to direct the bursting energy of this army of unemployed youth towards the good of the society. The scheme engages 20,000 youths across the state in a blend of community service and social welfare models.

OYES is a revolving volunteers’ scheme designed to eliminate the frustration and paralyzing effect of unacceptably high and seemingly intractable youth unemployment pervasive in Osun nay, Nigeria. It aims to create a bridge to employment by equipping as many young men and women with positive work ethics and culture, self-sustenance, resourcefulness and respect for the environment through community service. The programme is also designed to develop Osun youths with the necessary character and competence, infusing in them, HONOUR AND INTEGRITY; the virtues of an Omoluabi.


The state government being a responsible government cannot ignore this large growing pool of qualified and competent but idle youth desirous of some form of engagement to improve their lives. This is why the scheme was initiated and designed to be a rolling a scheme to spread the opportunity to as many people as possible. At the end of the day, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola through this scheme would have turned thousands of young men and women into good quality, highly skilled, well-motivated citizens, who are work-ready and exceptionally competitive for the Nigerian economy and society.



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