Sunday 26th September 2021

Opon Imo-3
The Opón Ìmò, “Tablet of Knowledge”, is a standalone e-learning tablet that provides the senior secondary students with the learning materials required to prepare for school leaving examinations. It provides 3 major content categories; Text Books, Tutorials and Practice Questions. 150,000 of these tablets are being distributed to all senior secondary students across state schools in a move that is expected to radically democratize ‘access’ to learning, regardless of means, location or status.
Opón Ìmò delivers compelling self- paced standalone courses, conducted in a highly interactive computer- based learning environment and synchronized to a library of relevant e-books and a computer- based testing environment. Opón Ìmò is a first of its kind initiative in Nigeria and arguably Africa. Opón Ìmò tackles the learning problem using contemporary ICTs, indigenous content while taking into account socially embedded factors accordingly. The tablet is a portable electronic device, which is controlled through its touchscreen interface, and is available across the open source Android operating system.

Features of Opon-Imo

Android 4.0 Platform

  • The Android 4.0 PC Tablet has a Dictionary, Bible, Koran and Health book. It also has development games such as chess, Sudoku and Tetris. It has 512MB of Ram and an internal storage capacity of 32GB.

E-book library

  • The E-book Library consists of 17 Core Subjects with 4 Extra Curricula Subjects for Senior Secondary 1, 2 & 3 levels making a total of 55 textbooks available on the Opon Imo Platform

Virtual classroom

  • The Virtual Classroom consists of 17 subjects for Senior Secondary 1, 2 & 3 which culminates into a total of 51 video tutorials made available to students.
  • There are 823 chapters in total with about 900 minutes (or 15 hours) of audio voiceovers and an average of 16 chapters per course.

Integrated test zone

  • The Integrated Test Zone makes available Mock Exam tests for 14 core subjects in WASSCE comprising of 10 years of past questions with an average of 500 questions each and approximately 1800 images.
  • There are Practice tests for 46 courses with approximately 1220 chapters containing approximately 29,000 questions referencing approximately 825 images.


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