Monday 27th September 2021

A conducive physical atmosphere aids learning. The State is revamping public school infrastructure by building new school structures to reflect the recommendations of the Osun Education Summit. It is a fairly an overhaul of this component of the education system. It is a radical idea to provide the best in terms of infrastructural facilities for the schools.

Elementary, Middle and High Schools are currently being built across the 30 Local Government Areas in the State. They are state of the art schools with dinning halls, potable water supply system with standard toilets facilities, library, recreation centre and computer laboratory.

Dilapidated school structures that pose dangers to pupils have been pulled down and blocks of classroom in some primary schools are to be built to provide more space for the projected school enrolment. The school infrastructure project has a great deal of local content component as materials and artisans are being sourced locally for the growth of the state economy.


On-going Construction Of School Buildings

Name of School Category (Elementary, Middle and High) State of Project (Completed, on going or proposed) Address of School (Town)
Baptist Central Primary School, Ilare Ife Elementary School On- going Ile-Ife
St. Michael Pry School, Ode Omu Elementary On- going Ode Omu
St. Andrew Pry School, Oke Baale Elementary On-going Osogbo
St. Francis Pry School Iwo Elementary On going Iwo
A.U.D Pry School Isale Osun Osogbo Elementary School On- going Osogbo
L.A Pry School Imo, Ilesa Elementary School On-going Ilesa
St. Andrew Primary School, Ada Elementary School On-going Ada
St. Peter Primary School Isona, Ilesa Elementary School On-going Ilesa
L.A Primary School, Obada, Ede Elementary School On-going Ede
L.A Primary School Adenle, Osogbo Middle School On-going Osogbo
Anglican Central School Ilare Ile-Ife Middle School On-going Ile Ife
St. Stephen Primary School ‘B’ Modakeke Middle School On-going Modakeke
DTTC Primary School Ijebu Jesa Middle School On-going Ijebu Jesa
St. Julius Primary School, Ila Middle School On-going Ila
A.U.D Grammar School Oko Road, Ejigbo Middle School On-going Oko
ATC Demonstration School Oke-Oye Ilesa Middle School On-going Ilesa
Laro  Timehin Pry School, Osogbo Middle School On-going Osogbo
NUD Pry School Sango, Ikire Middle School On-going Ikire
A.U.D Pry School, Odo Ori Iwo Middle School On-going Iwo
Holy Trinity Pry School, Ikirun Middle School On-going Ikirun
A.U.D Pry School, Iragbiji Middle School On-going Iragbiji
Olufi High School, Gbongan Middle School On-going Gbongan
Ejigbo Model High School Middle School On-going Ejigbo
Salvation Army Primary School, Alekunwodo Elementary School Completed Osogbo

Data updated as 15th July

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