Sunday 2nd October 2022

The Ministry is in charge of maintaining justice in the state as well as other justice related matters.
The areas of responsibility include but are not limited to:

  • Set up Commissions and Tribunals of Inquiry in the State.
  • Administration of justice, administration of Estates and Trustees.
  • Public prosecution and civil litigation.
  • Relations with the judiciary, Judicial Service Commission, State of Osun, Federal Ministry of Justice, Committee on Prerogative of Mercy and Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Law reporting and revision, compilation, distribution and sale of the Annual Laws of the State, legislative drafting and constitutional matters.
  • Administration of Oaths, human rights and consumer protection, provision of legal aid to the poor, legal advisory and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (Mediation).
  • Appointment and supervision of the activities of Justice of Peace in the State.
  • Initiate legislation for the maintenance of peace, order and good government within the State.

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