Friday 24th September 2021

The Ministry of Works and Transport is in charge of formulating appropriate policies on management of all government infrastructure as well as transportation issues in the State.
It areas of operation is wide and includes but are not limited to:

  • Construction, rehabilitation, maintenance and monitoring of government building, state roads and drainages.
  • Mechanical and electrical works (inclusive of certification of mechanical and electrical services in medium and high rise buildings)
  • Liaise with Power Holding Company of Nigeria on settlement of official bills and coordinating and supervising Independent Power Projects in the state.
  • Board of plants and equipment (inclusive of office equipment and staff quarters).
  • Architectural and consultancy services and general civil engineering works inclusive of setting rates for engineering works as well as quality control for civil, engineering and building materials.
  • Deploy and supervise State engineers, coordinate government agencies and ministries responsible for provision of infrastructure in the State.
  • All transportation matters in the state such as registering motor vehicles, issuance and renewal of licenses for commercial and private vehicles, supervision and control of establishment of motor parks, traffic control, educating drivers, motorists and the general public on the proper use of the highways, conduct research on driver behaviour and traffic safety for traffic improvement, register and regulate the conduct of driving schools, regulate and control vehicle inspection tests and certify roadworthy vehicles and liaising with Federal Road Safety Commission

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