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Program Analyst November 13, 2023

Don’t Be Swayed By Lies, Osun Workers Are With Governor Adeleke– Govt


OSOGBO– 13/11/2023–

The attention of the Osun State Government has been drawn to a ludicrous claim of workers discontent with the State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke. We believe the concoction, which has the fitting of the distraught opposition, was pushed through a non-existent labour body, promoting false information against the government.

It is worth pointing out for the public enlightenment that the only known and recognized body for workers in Osun state and by extension Nigeria as a whole are the NLC, TUC and JNC, all of which enjoys cordial relationship with the administration of Governor Adeleke.
We want to affirm that, after carrying out due investigation, that the so called Osun Workers Union (OWU) is a fictitious group, that mischievously exists only on paper with the sole objective of misleading the public, most especially, our loving, diligent and dedicated workers whose love and solidarity for Adeleke led government can not be over emphasised .

To set the record straight, the supplementary budget sponsored by Governor Adeleke was to fund meaningful projects across sectors of the state. It is only in the realm of the empty and unsavory imagination of the cheap opposition members and blackmailers that Governor Adeleke allocated N10bn to his office. We are quick to say that no such thing exist in reality.

It is against every sense of reasonability that Governor Adeleke who forfeited security votes to free more money for the benefit of Osun people will vote N10 billion for his office. But it is obvious that those behind the latest round of lies are beyond reasoning, otherwise, they would have realized the emptiness of their thinking which is nothing but a mere political propaganda and balderdash taken too far.

The Adeleke administration values and respects the contributions of all workers in Osun state and using every available opportunities in appreciating their service by prioritizing their welfare.
To buttress its position in this regard,the present worker-friendly administration of His Excellency, Senator Ademola Adeleke, has initiated numerous measures to enhance workers working conditions in addition to ensuring fair compensation,aimed at passionately addressing the evolving needs of its existing workforce.

Osun state government wants to repeat for the umpteenth times that In a matter of days, it will be rolling out well packaged transport scheme to assuage the pressure that fuel subsidy removal wrought on its workforce.

Additionally, the state government under the watch of Senator Ademola Adeleke is also in the process of determining the appropriate financial support for civil servants in line with the economic realities of the state.

To this end,patrticularly in sealing the mouth of the toothless and baseless opposition,who on a daily basis are winking in the dark in a desperate bid to bring the worker-friendly administration of Senator Ademola Adeleke into disrepute, we passionately and respectfully invite the public to discountenance the falsehood in circulation as it was never the position of our workforce, who share the goal of Governor Adeleke in moving Osun forward.
Additionally and with all sense of openness and transparency , we also stress that every fund that accrued to the state, including the N2bn subsidy fund and N7bn refund from the Federal Government, are used in line with the need of the state.

As we had disclosed before, the N2bn subsidy fund will be used for the procurement of vehicles and rehabilitation of public health centres, while the balance will be used to buy food to share for the people. As for the N7bn refund, we emphasize that it will be used to fund infrastructural projects and enhance the living standards of the people of the state.

Finally, while we continue to re-emphasise our avowed commitment to make life better for all and sundry, we also use this opportunity to restate our commitment to the wellbeing of all.
And to our dedicated and peace loving workers,who,we are sure will not be part of any shenanigan aimed at dragging the good name of the present administration into mud, we reassure of our continued commitment to all acts that will continue to put smiles on their faces in line with our 5 point integral action plans.
We must however stress the reality of the financial capacity of the state, and that we would be careful not to repeat the carelessness of the past that is responsible for the current challenges.

Oluomo Kolapo Alimi,
Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment

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