Sunday 26th September 2021
Name of Hospital Category (State, General, CHC) Address (LGA, Town) Contact No
State Hospital, Asubiaro, Osogbo State Asubiaro, Osogbo 035208346
State Hospital, Ikirun State Isale Agunjin, Ikirun 08051057533
State Hospital, Ikire State Centre Area, Ikire 08034741630
State Hospital, Ilesa State Moroco, Ilesa 08034956512
State Hospital, Ila Orangun State Oke-Aloyin, Ila 08034046911
State Hospital, Ede State Oke-Egan, Ede 08065380660
State Hospital, Oke-Ogbo, Ile-Ife State Oke-Ogbo, Ile-Ife 03622119
State Hospital, Iwo State Ile-Ogbo Road, Iwo 08025670531
State Hospital, Ipetu-Jesa State Ipetu-Jesa, Oriade LG 08033836973
General Hospital, Okuku General Iba Road, Okuku 08062812028
General Hospital, Ifetedo General Ifetedo, Ife South
General Hospital, Ipetumodu General Beside LG Secretariat 07087348246
General Hospital, Ijebu-Jesa General Ere Road, Ijebu-Jesa 08033828227
General Hospital, Ejigbo General Iwo Road, Ejigbo 08036564211
C.H.C, Iree CHC Sanders, Iree 08070518277
C.H.C, Oke-Ila CHC Old Secretariat, Oke-Ila 08068168774
C.H.C, Ora CHC Araorin Rd, Ora 08051154874
C.H.C Oyan CHC Oyan, Odo-Otin LG 08053499034
C.H.C, Inisa CHC Agbeye Rd, Inisa 08036299452
C.H.C, Otan- Ayegbaju CHC Iresi Junction, Otan 07057523243
C.H.C, Iresi CHC Baptist Pry Sch. Iresi 08066133104
C.H.C Igbajo CHC Ada Road, Igbajo 07086541309
C.H.C, Oba CHC Eko-Ende Rd, Oba-Ile 08033793128
C.H.C Ilie CHC Opp, Ilie Grammar Sch, Ilie 08034477385
C.H.C Ifon CHC Erin Road, Ifon-Osun 08062948294
C.H.C Ilobu CHC Konda, Ilobu 08139527300
C.H.C Awo CHC MDGs Awo
C.H.C Iragberi CHC Awo Road, Iragberi 07085289833
C.H.C Ogbagba CHC Awo Road, Ogbagba 07085289833
C.H.C Bode Osi CHC Bode Osi, Ola Oluwa LG 08066746479
C.H.C, Kuta CHC Kuta, Ayedire LG 08064722887
C.H.C, Ile-Ogbo CHC Iwo Road, Ile-Ogbo 08034741630, 08067247152
C.H.C, Apomu CHC Apomu, Isokan LG 08070769726
C.H.C, Gbongan CHC Osogbo Rd, Gbongan 08037789270
C.H.C, Ode Omu CHC Ipetumodu Rd, Ode Omu 08073075242
C.H.C, Edunabon CHC Tonkere Road 08062521060
C.H.C, Arubiewe CHC Arubiewe, Ile-Ife 08033525432
C.H.C, Garage Olode CHC Olode, Ife South 08079106765
C.H.C, Ifewara CHC Ifewara, Atakunmosa 07037244336
C.H.C, Osu CHC Osu, Atakunmosa East 07030853917
C.H.C, Iwara CHC Iwara, Atakunmosa East 08063959643
C.H.C, Iperindo CHC Iperindo, Atakunmosa East 07037244336
C.H.C, Alaka CHC Alaka, Atakunmosa East 07064231591
C.H.C, Ikeji Ile CHC Ikeji-Ile, Oriade 07030398221
C.H.C, Iloko CHC Ijeda Road, Iloko-Jesa 08067226655
C.H.C, Ijeda CHC Ijebu Road, Ijeda 07082904573
C.H.C, Esa Oke CHC Esa Oke, Obokun LG 08062254235
C.H.C, Ibokun CHC Osogbo Road, Ibokun 07031178322
C.H.C, Modakeke CHC Oke D.O Modakeke 08033640148
C.H.C, Iragbiji CHC Iragbiji Road 07086485465
C.H.C, Isale Agbara CHC Isale Agbara, Osogbo 08060782250
Secretariat Staff Clinic Clinic Local Govt Service Commission 08034496558
House of Assembly Clinic Clinic Assembly Complex
Government House Clinic Clinic Govt House, Oke-Fia 036222247
Sports Council Clinic Clinic Stadium, Osogbo
OSBC Clinic Clinic Ile Awiye, Osogbo 08032438285
Friendly Counselling Clinic Clinic MDS, Osogbo 08160148055

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