Thursday 23rd September 2021

This category covers such roads projects that connect major cities/towns within the state. These projects are to complement other roads infrastructure development programmes. In the current phase, the projects are being implemented so as to facilitate smooth movement of goods and services. It is also in line with the six-points action plan of the Ogbeni Aregbesola administration. When completed, it will impact greatly on the socio – economics of the state.


List Of Intercity Roads

Project Name Route Length(km) Status
Ife/Ondo-Ifetedo Rd Ife-Ondo Rd-UNIOSUN –Oniperegun-Ifetedo 7.10 On-going
Moro-Ife/Ibadan Expressway Rd Moro-Ipetumodu-Asipa-Ife/Ibadan Expressway 7.80 On-going
Ogudu-Garage Olode Rd Ogudu-Odemuyiwa-Garage Olode 16.73 On-going
Ife-Ondo Road Ife-Isale Ife-Ondo Rd 2.0 On-going
Ife-Ogudu Road Ife-Ogudu 16.80 On-going
Abeere-Yidi Road Abeere-Ojoro-Yidi 8.98 On-going
Monday Market-Aagba Rd Ikirun-Iragbiji-Igbajo-Ada-Aagba 9.32 On-going
Osogbo-Iragbiji Road Osogbo-Kelebe-Iragbiji 16.80 On-going
Ilesa-Ifewara Road Ilesa-Ifewara 9.90 On-going
Gbongan-Ile Ogbo Road Gbongan-Ile Ogbo 22.00 On-going
Ikire-Baase Road Ikire-Baase 19.40 On-going
Construction of Ajagba-Ife Odan Road Ajagba-Iwo Oke-Ajagunlase-Ife Odan 17.95 On-going
Ada-Idominasi Rd Ada-Ibokun-Ikinyinwa/Ilase-Idominasi 26.50 On-going
Ijebu Jesa-Otan Ile Rd Ijebu/Iwoye Jesa-Esa Odo-Otan Ile 18.00 On-going
Erin-Akinfenwa Rd Erin-Oke Erin-Akinfenwa 5.20 On-going
Ipetumodu-Ode Omu Road Ipetumodu-Ode Omu 6.42 On-going
Ijebu Jesa-Ibokun Rd Ijebu Jesa-Ere-Ilahun-Ibokun 16.57 On-going
Ilesa-Ijebu Jesa Rd Ilesa-Ijaaregbe-Ijebu Jesa 11.20 On-going
Ipetu Jesa- Ilesa Rd Ipetu Jesa-Iperindo-Irojo Ilesa 34.00 On-going
Ijeda Ijesa-Erinmo Ijesa Rd Ijeda Ijesa-Erinmo 4.30 On-going
Ijebu Jesa-Ilesa/Akure Express Road Ijebu Jesa-Ijeda Ijesa-Iloko Ijesa-Ilesa/Akure Express 10.20 On-going
Igbajo-Iresi Road Igbajo-Oke Irun-Iresi Rd 4.20 On-going
Ijebu Jesa-Iwaraja Road Ijebu Jesa-Iloko-Iwaraja 6.80 On-going
Construction of Osogbo-Ikirun Junction Osogbo-Dagbolu-Ikirun 9.52 On-going
Iwo-Ejigbo Iwo-Ejigbo 35.20 On-going
Ede-Ejigbo Ede-Ara-Ejigbo 23.20 On-going
Dualisation of Gbongan-Akoda Junction Road Gbongan-Ode Omu-Akoda Ede Junction 30.00 On-going
Total Length 415.89km  

NB:Project Status as at 15th July 2013

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