Thursday 23rd September 2021

A total of 218km roads construction project has taken off  across the 30 LGAs and Ife East Area Office.  Some 5 to 10km  of  municipality roads are being  constructed in each of the LGAs. It is an innovative, yet standard road being jointly  financed by both the State and Local governments.The project is being financed with savings from the Local Government Excess Crude Oil (ECO) Account.

This project is also significant because local content delivery is adhered to strictly in execution. Materials and labor are sourced at the domiciled LGAs thus helping to improve the local economy so as to check capital flight and incorporating a social enterprise component to the project.

Overall, the benefits are both in the short and long term.The roads are to last for  the long term, this will help in concentrating on other projects  yearning for attention within this period, travel time will be reduced, aesthetic value will be added and a host of other benefits.The roads are at an average 50% completion stages. Below is a list of the roads on local government basis.

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