Saturday 3rd June 2023

Category: Technology

Osun Ministry of Innovation’s Directors turns Call Agents.

The Honourable Commissioner for Innovation, Science and Technology, Hon. (Dr.) Olawale Babatunde Olumide in his effort towards Covid-19 sensitization has directed all Directors in the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology to report at the State Emergency Call Center today 27th of March 2020. This exercise was aimed at assisting the Call Agents in attending to numerous calls bombarding the center via 293.

It was recalled that Hon. (Dr.) Olawale Babatunde Olumide visited the call center earlier this week, and observed that the center has been a great instrument of awareness, as people call from different locations across the country to make enquiries on Covid-19 Pandemic, its symptoms and prevention via the State of Osun Emergency Toll-free line 293. As well as reporting suspected cases.

“As it has been known that the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic has no cure when it goes severe, the only way to help people to be safe is to get them informed,” He said.

One of the Call agent representative, beseech the government to help them in recruiting more staffs so as to enhance the operation. He also emphasized on the need to upgrade the center in other to improve the quality of service delivery and identify opportunities of revenue generation.  The Honourable Commissioner promised to forward their request to the state government, and also enjoined them to be proactive in their duties.

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