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Webmaster October 9, 2013

PLACES: The Agriculturally Rich Town Of Iwo, Osun

marketIwo is a rich agricultural area with distance of about 45 kilometres from Ibadan and Osogbo. It has an area of 245 km² and a population of 191,348 making it the most populous Local Government in State of Osun by the 2006 Nigeria National census figures.
Its agriculturally rich advantage makes it a major trading centre for cocoa, kolanuts , foodstuff, yams, meat and  timber . The popular Odo- Ori market in Iwo attracts traders from within and outside the state.
Iwo is also strategic because the railway tracks from Ibadan passes through the town. This helps the commercial and economic development of  Iwo and other towns and local government around.
The Oluwo of Iwoland is the traditional ruler and Chairman, Council of Obas in Iwo Zone. He is the political and spiritual head of Iwoland. There are about eighty- one (81) district towns and villages, each of which is headed by a Baale (District Head) with his Chiefs, all of whom are appointed by the Oluwo as guardians of culture and tradition of the towns and villages on behalf of the Oluwo.
Important landmarks in the ancient town includes, Bowen University, Sharia College of Nigeria, the meeting point of River Oba and River Osun, a state owned radio-vision station and the recently established Oloba Cattle Hub.

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