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Web Officer II April 14, 2023

NEWS RELEASE 14/04/2023 Rehabilitation of Selected Water Schemes/Works Commences in Osun

● It is Fake News to Mention N14m as Cost of a Borehole

In a bid for sustainable water supply to the people of Osun state, Governor Ademola Adeleke has directed a phased rehabilitation of selected water works and water pipeline networks across Osun state.

This new directive is coming as the sinking of 332 boreholes under direct labour and shoestring budget reaches 85 percent, remaining as at today only about four local governments rounding up with their implementation.

Governor Adeleke acting on a committee report relating to the worsening state of infrastructure within the water sector approved the immediate upgrade of pipeline networks of both Ede and Osogbo water works alongside the repairs and recharging of water filter media at Iwo and Eko-ende water works.

The water scheme at Esaoke is also under rehabilitation for supply of potable water while the Governor is following up with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources for the completion of Ile Ife water project.

The State Government is also interfacing with the Federal Ministry to resolve the delay created by the mismanagement of ILESA WATER project with particular reference to the contractor and the project managers.

A top adviser to Governor Adeleke, Dr Bashiru Tokunbo Sallami who confirmed the rehabilitation in the water sector affirmed that the administration has a holistic programme to address the challenges facing the water sector in the state.

According to him, the administration adopted a mix of solutions which includes sinking of boreholes in wards across the state even as he acknowledged that the 332 boreholes are not sufficient to cater for the citizen’s water needs.

“It was the realization of this reality from the beginning that Mr Governor approved the phased rehabilitation of the state’s water pipeline networks. The goal is to systematically address the many technical hitches facing water supply in the state”, Dr Salami noted.

Details from the State Water Corporation showed that the agency mostly operates on old Asbestos Cement (AC) pipes laid several decades ago and in a terrible state of functionality. The upgrade that is ongoing for Ede and Osogbo water works will replace the old run down pipes with the HDPE pipes, now the modern durable material in the sector.

Aside from the upgrade of the pipeline networks, the Water filtration systems for Iwo is also approved for rehabilitation and repairs to allow water to reach present areas of coverage. The same filtration project is ongoing for Eko-ende which serviced Ikirun, IRAGBIJI among other adjacent towns.

Once the water filtration systems for both Eko-ende and Iwo water works are completed, the administration plans to issue new approvals for the pipeline networks upgrade for both water schemes.

Meanwhile, the administration has denied reports from some quarters that N14 million was the cost of each of the 332 boreholes, describing the report as false as each borehole cost far less than insinuated, the full details to be made available during ‘Ipade Imole’ event.

“Governor Adeleke has recently announced to the state that full accounts of projects and programmes will be rendered to the public at the “Ipade Imole”, an interactive accountability platform.

“There is no smoking gun. In fact, when the full details are out, the public will applaud Governor Adeleke for such unprecedented prudence.

“The borehole project is already benefiting the people and reports from all over the state show that Osun people, going by series of videos and pictures, are already enjoying water supplies from these boreholes.

“At Ipade Imole, civil society, media and all stakeholders will have sufficient time to read, appraise and question projects and policies. This administration is pro-people with full commitment to transparency and accountability. That is why Governor Adeleke approved of Ipade Imole”, the statement concluded.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the Executive Governor

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