Thursday 23rd September 2021

This project category covers projects to improve, build or expand roads that connect neighboring states to Osun. These projects are being implemented in an integrated manner, so as to position Osun as a commercial hub in south west Nigeria. A notable component of this category is the Ila-Odo – Osogbo – Ijebu Igbo road network that will seamlessly, connect neighboring Kwara State (towards the north of Nigeria) to Ogun State (towards Lagos State) passing through the Osun Capital, Osogbo.

Osogbo – Kwara Road( Osogbo-Dagbolu-International Market- Ikirun Junction-Ikirun-Ila Odo Kwara Boundary

The importance of this road is enormous. The  dualisation of the 48km project starts at the Old Garage section of Osogbo to Dagbolu International Market and terminates at Ikirun Junction. This segment is advantageous because it will cater for the larger volume of traffic coming to the Market.

The second segment connects the existing road coming from Osogbo to link the Ikirun junction end of the Osogbo-Dagbolu International Market. The third segment is from Ikirun Junction to Ila Odo Kwara State Boundary.

Aside providing smooth movement of people and goods, it will open up the Osun Central Senatorial District having a large concentration of Local Government including Ifelodun,Odo Otin, Boripe, Boluwaduro, Ila  among other Towns. It also opens up these areas to the northern part of the country such as Kwara, Kogi, Abuja and beyond.

The spate of work on the project is rapid as the contractor is poised to deliver on time. On the spot assessment of the project will confirm that standard and specification are being adhered strictly to.

Osogbo – Lagos Road (Gbongan-Odeyinka-Orile Owu-Ogun State Boundary Road)

This road project strategically being constructed is passing through Gbongan-Odeyinka-Orile Owu-Ogun State Boundary, a dual carriage road  is aimed principally at connecting the state to the abundant commercial opportunities available in the Lagos Market, the commercial nerve centre of the country.

Secondly, it provides a shorter route to and from Lagos, thus eliminating the traffic hassles and longer Ibadan-Sagamu-Lagos Expressway for travellers, tourist and visitors coming to the State of Osun

Aside aiding vehicular and human traffic on the road segment, the project also opens upon the agriculturally rich and abundant resources on the Gbongan-Odeyinka-Orile Owu axis as well as other opportunities both in the short and long run. This road will also connect the ongoing dualisation of Gbongan-Osogbo Road. This project  implementation is on course.

When completed, this network will provide an alternative highway route to aid human and commodity transportation from the north of the country to Lagos State, the business capital of the country. The said road network, which will cover over 120km of high grade roads, is a combination of multiple highway projects, being implemented concurrently by reputable developers.

In Osun, these superhighways are believed to be unprecedented in the state’s history. This has won the development, the popular name of ‘Ona Baba Ona’ among the Osun people, meaning the  ‘The King of Roads’.


List of Boundary Highways

Project Name Route Length(km) Status
Osogbo-Imesi Ile Osogbo-Ibokun-Imesi Ile 42 On-going
Ikirun-Ilale Rd Ikirun-Otan Ayegbaju-Ila-Ilale KWSB 57.64 On-going
Gbongan-Ajegunle -Rd Gbongan-Odeyinka-Orile Owu-Araromi Owu-Ajegunle 44.43 On-going
Osogbo-Ila Odo Rd Osogbo-Ikirun-Ila Odo 36.85 On-going
Ede-Ejigbo Ede-Awo-Iragberi-Ejigbo-OYSB 30.7 On-going
Ejigbo-Oguro Ejigbo-Aye-Oguro 14.40 On-going
Total Length 226.02km  

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