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This category covers road infrastructure development for major towns in Osun. In the current implementation phase, multiple projects have either been completed or are ongoing in the cities across the state.

The roads are being constructed to facilitate socio-economic activities, reduce travel time, lesson pressure on roads, good channelization of flood water and also to provide aesthetic value. This projects cuts across the state. Below is a list of the roads.


List Of Township Roads

Project Name Route Length (km) Town Status
Station Rd-Ebenezer Hotel Rd Station Rd-Fagbewesa Odi Olowo Jn-Ebenezer Hotel 0.61 Osogbo Completed
Boorepo-Eleede Jn Rd Boorepo-Abaku-Eleede Jnt 1.00 Osogbo Completed
Elelede  -Gbemu Road Elede-Oluode-Gbaemu 1.00 Osogbo Completed
Gbodofon-Gbemu Junction Road Gbodofon-Jaleyemi-Gbemu 1.79 Osogbo Completed
Ilobu Rd-GRA Rd Ilobu Rd-Adesina Cresent-GRA Rd 1.35 Osogbo Completed
Oja Oba- Plantain Area Oja Oba-Osun Groove Gate-Plantain Area 1.02 Osogbo Completed
Balogun Biiro-Oke Baale Road Balogun Biiro-Oke Baale 0.85 Osogbo On-going
Alafia St-Church St, Awolowo Way Alafia Street-Church Street, Awolowo Way 0.79 Osogbo On-going
Coca-Cola-Capital Hotel Rd Coca-Cola-Alekuwodo-Capital Hotel 2.33 Osogbo On-going
Oke Onitea Rd-Anaye Market Junction- Oke Onitea-Anaye Market Junction 0.42 Osogbo On-going
Oke Fia-Ita Olokan Oke Fia-Alekuwodo-Ita Olokan Ilesa Rd 3.83 Osogbo On-going
Opposite Capital Hotel-Oroki Rd Opposite Capital Hotel-Wonderful Rd Street-Tinumola-Oroki Rd 1.21 Osogbo On-going
Oroki Estate-Ilobu Rd Osogbo Oroki Estate-Ilobu Rd-Lameco Junction 0.85 Osogbo On-going
Odetoyinbo-Heritage Hotel Rd with Spur Odetoyinbo-Dupe Aina-Heritage Hotel 3.28 Osogbo On-going
Kola Balogun Rd Jn-Fiwasaye Olohunosebi  Jn Kola Balogun Road Junction-Fiwasaye Olohunosebi Junction 0.83 Osogbo On-going
Osunbukola-Ede Road Osunbukola-Mercyland-Ajani Sreet-Prime Petrol Station-Osogbo/Ede Rd 0.98 Osogbo On-going
John Mackay-Oke Baale John Mackay-Gbeja Rd, Oke Baale –Constain 0.96 Osogbo On-going
Tanisi-Keji Adigun Street Tanisi-Olorunosebi-Keji Adigun 1.18 Osogbo On-going
Adams Str-Mercy Land & Rd Spur Adams Street-Mercyland 0.67 Osogbo On-going
Steel Rolling Camp-Kabelo Filling Station Steel Rolling Camp-Kabelo Filling Station with Spur 1.015 Osogbo On-going
Rehabilitation of Ifeloju Omo West Rd Ifeloju Omo West 0.65 Osogbo Completed
Construction of East/West Bye-Pass Dele Yes Sir Roundabout-Africa Sch-Ilesa Garage-Stadium 18.0 Osogbo On-going

NB:Project Status as at 15th July 2013

Ilesa Township Roads (Rehabilitation)

Project Name Route Length(km) Status
Old Omieran Rd Ilesa Old Omieran Rd Ilesa 1.150 On-going
Ibala-Osogbo Rd Junction Ibala-Oke Omiru-Ote Kunrin-Osogbo Rd Junction 1.060 On-going
Tosho-Obembe General Hospital Ilaje Tosho-Obembe General Hospital Ilaje 1.850 On-going
Kayanfanda Street ,Ilesa Kayafanda Street Ilesa 1.600 On-going
Oke Opo-Iyemogun/Ilesa East Oke Opo Community/GRA-Iyemogun/Ilesa East 1.750 On-going
Isokun-George Burton Isokun-Osogbo Rd-George Burton 1.050 On-going
Isokun-DIG Fagbola Isokun-Osogbo Rd-DIG Fagbola 1.050 On-going
Lejoka -GRA Road Lejoka Fadahunsi Avenue/Old Ife Rd-GRA Road 1.540 On-going
Lejoka -Omo Olupe Street Lejoka Abiola-Omo Olupe Street 2.680 On-going
Idooko-Olowogbowo Idooko Junction-Sawmill Alfa-Olowogbowo Rd 2.500 On-going
Irojo Sabo-Bolorunduro Irojo Sabo Junction-Agboworin Crescent-Bolorunduro(Amuta Junction) 2.220 On-going
Repair of Roads to Inner Ring Road, Ilesa on Old Ife Inner Ring –Old Ife Rd 2.800 On-going
Bolorunduro – Yemogun Segement Bolorunduro-Irojo-Moroko-Yemogun Segments 2.700 On-going
Adebisi Aromolaran St-Oke Anu Adebisi Aromolaran Street-Oke Anu 2.319 On-going
Ilerin –Obokun Rd Ilerin Leventis Farms(Agric) Prince Adeyinka Street-Stadium-Obokun, Ilesa 3.440 On-going
Spot Rehabilitation of Ipetu Ijesa Rd Ipetu Ijesa Rd 3.55 On-going
Total Length 34.259  

NB:Project Status as at 15th July 2013

Ede Township Roads (Rehabilitation)

Project Name Route Length(km) StatuS
Agip Junction-Yasalam Rd Agip-Ajilola Anabi-Ojedoyin-Yasalam 1.975 Completed
Cottage Hospital-Awere Junction Cottage Hospital-Awere Junction 1.040 Completed
Mapo Line-Sawmill Mapo Line-Sawmill 0.448 Completed
Alfa Salawu-Olowobida Rd Alfa Salawu-Yisa Adegbile-Olowobida Rd 0.405 Completed
Sawmill Eleyin-NYSC Camp Sawmill Eleyin-NYSC Camp 1.349 Completed
Olowobida Junction-Olowobida Loop Olowobida Junction-Arulogun-Ayetoro/Ayoka-Babawale-Olowobida Loop 1.694 Completed
Alusekere Junction-Owode Alusekere Junction-Owode 5.75 Completed
Alh Adebayo-Osogbo/Ede Rd Alh Adebayo-Afidat-440-Alhaja Ramat Adisa-Lasibulu-Osogbo/Ede Rd 1.185 Completed
Kamoru Adegoke-Alh Yekeen Ona Olapo Rd Kamoru Adegoke-Atidade-Alh Yekeen Ona Olapo Road 1.34 Completed
Loogun/Ogberin-Federal Poly Loogun/Ogberin Polytechnic-Timi Agbale Grammar Sch-Federal Poly 2.513 On-going
Yidi Road-Obada Pry Sch Junction Yidi Road-Prof Abass Animashaun-Obada Pry Sch Junction 0.688 On-going
Burial Ground-Obada-Agip Junction Burial Ground-Obada-Agip Junction Rd 1.534 Completed
Stadium Opadoyin Avenue Stadium Opadoyin Avenue 0.375 Completed
Mosebolatan-Ajilola Anabi-Obalaoye Mosebolatan-Ajilola Anabi-Obalaoye 1.077 On-going
Total Length 21.373  

NB:Project Status as at 15th July 2013
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List Of Other Township Roads

Total Length 44.96  
Name of Project Route Length Town Status
Ita Sapon- Ila Orangun Ita sapon-Temidire Rd 1.35 Ila Orangun Completed
Akande Road Akande Road-Ondo Road 0.33 Ila Orangun Completed
Bola Ige Road, Ila Orangun Bola Ige Road, Ila Orangun 1.66 Ila Orangun Completed
Royal Hotel Rd Ejigbo Royal Hotel Rd 1.07 Ejigbo Completed
Oba Omowonuola Rd Ejigbo Oba Omowonuola Rd Ejigbo 0.77 Ejigbo Completed
Construction of Odebara-Ogbomosho Rd Odebara-Ijado-Bokusoro-Ogbomosho Rd 3.25 Ejigbo On-going
Obada Market-Ife Ibadan Rd Ikire Obada Market-Ife Ibadan Rd Ikire 0.92 Ikire Completed
Sango Junction Rd Baptist Grammar Sch, Ikire Sango Junction-Odeyinka Rd 1.9 Ikire On-going
Naira & Kobo Junction-Akire Palace Naira & Kobo Junction-Akire Palace Rd 1.5 Ikire On-going
Lagere-Toro Rd Lagere-Ita Isin-Itamerin-Iraye-Toro Rd 5.00 Modakeke On-going
Gbongan-Ibadan Express Rd Junction Gbongan-Osogbo-Ife/Ibadan Express Rd Junction 4.17 Gbongan On-going
Lokore-Okesoda Street Lokore-Okesoda Street 1.85 Ile-Ife On-going
Oranfe-Mokuro Rd Oranfe-Mokuro Rd 3.15 Ile-Ife On-going
Omiokun Road Omiokun Rd 0.45 Ile-Ife Ongoing
General Alani Akinrinade Street Origbo Grammar Sch-Gen Alani Akinrinade Street/Farm Road 1.2 Ipetumodu Ongoing
Total Length 28.57  

NB:Project Status as at 15th July 2013

List of Inherited On-going Road Projects (Rehabilitation)

Name of Project Type of Road Length(km) Status
Okuku Township Road Township 5.3 On-going
Oore-Agbeye Rd Intercity 5.5 On-going
Osu-Iloba-Kajola Rd Intercity 19.7 On-going
Ejigbo-Ife Odan Rd Intercity 30 On-going
Ede-Alajue-Aminiwon-Osu Rd Intercity 20.28 On-going
Ikirun Township Roads Township 20.005 On-going
Ifon-Ilie-Ilosin/Ogbomosho Rd Intercity 19.5 On-going
Ife-Famia-Akinlalu Rd Intercity 24 On-going
Total Length 144.29  


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