Wednesday 22nd September 2021

The state government sees the development of infrastructure as key to its vision of establishing Osun as a commercial hub for the south west of Nigeria. As such, a physical infrastructure development programme to open up the state as a viable route for the transportation of goods and services between the hinterlands of Nigeria and Lagos State (Nigeria’s Business Capital) is currently being implemented.

This programme entails the construction and expansion of  various roads categories. These include, Boundary Highways, Inter City Roads, Township Roads , Local Government Roads and Rural Roads.

These developments are currently being implemented in an integrated manner, to provide Osun with a road network system that will position it as a conduit for easy movement of goods and services from the North, (through neighboring Kwara State) towards Lagos (through neighboring Ogun State, Ijebu Igbo Axis).

This stretch of Kwara – Osun -Ogun through Osun, covers over 120km road network and offers an alternative route to the very burdened Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Ila Odo – Osogbo +Osogbo -Gbogan +  Gbogan- Ijebu Igbo

Ila Odo – Osogbo +Osogbo -Gbogan + Gbogan- Ijebu Igbo

It is the belief of the current administration, that such an integrated road infrastructure will revive the status of Osogbo,  and consequently the State , as a commercial hub for the south west region.

To complement, the road network system, the Ogbeni administration is developing Business Infrastructures that will cater for the opportunities that the emerging road network and commercial hub will bring.  As such, the Osun-Hub(O-Hub) initiative is being implemented.

O-hub seeks to deepen the establishment of Osun as a commercial hub, through the building of a robust logistics system to connect Osun with Lagos (Nigeria’s Business Capital). The programme entails the building of a network of Warehouses in Osun and Lagos, to aid the storage and movement of Goods and Services between Lagos and the hinterland of Nigeria using the PPP (Public and Private Partnership) Model.A dedicated rail service, wherein, goods and services can be moved between Lagos and Osun will be a key component of the O-Hub initiative.

When completed, O-hub will complement the Road Networks being built, in such a way that, Osogbo City  through the Dagbolu Exchange, will serve as a landing point for goods coming from the hinterland of the country, towards Lagos and vice versa.

One key benefit of the project would be to turn Osun to a major exchange point, God willing, and to also help reduce the transportation bottleneck that Lagos currently suffers. This will ultimately attract development to Osun. People from Ilorin, Benue, Ekiti, Niger, Kogi, Kwara etc who hitherto patronized Lagos markets will come to Osun because of the advantages of good network of roads and availability of goods. It will provide economies of scale for the whole state in general.

Warehouses in Osun + Dedicated Rail Service + Warehouse in Lagos

Warehouses in Osun + Dedicated Rail Service + Warehouse in Lagos

The road infrastructure development programme also entails, building of Inter-City , Township ,Local Government and Rural Roads. These will complement the Boundary Highways, to aid human and commodity transportation within and outside the state.

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